"I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures
we might be if we weren't certain we knew better"

George Bird Evans (1906 - 1998)
author, artist, English Setter breeder


20 September 2016 Our E-Litter is born

We are very pleased to welcome our E-litter by Ch.Latin Lover Keep the Faith "Jovi" and Ch. Milky Way Venatrisett "Primrose". 3 blue dogs, 1 orange dog and 4 orange bitches arrived safely.

10 September 2016 Our D-Litter is born

LS New O’Malley’s Bonjour Princess Royal"Lola" had her puppies by Ch. Charming Vagabond Full of Life "Life". We are very happy with 3 orange dogs, 1 blue dog, 2 blue bitches and 1 orange  bitch. Mother and puppies are doing very well.  

September 2016

We expect puppies @ new-omalleys.de

D- and E-litter puppies coming soon!!

For more information on our upcoming litters or interest in a New O'Malley's puppy please feel free to contact us!

D-litter with LS New O'Malley´s Bonjour Princess Royal  (LOLA) 


E-litter with Ch. Milky Way Venatrisett (PRIMROSE)


We are excited to announce our C-litter arrived safely.

We have a beautiful litter of 4 boys and 5 girls and all is going well.

For more information, please see "C-Wurf"

C-litter puppies expected on or about 20 September 2015 Puppies coming soon!!

About our Kennel

Welcome to the New O'Malley's Kennel which is situated in the beautiful countryside of Brandenburg (approx. 30 mins from Berlin, s. Impressionen).


Currently there are four English Setter ladies at home: Lilly, Primrose, Daisybelle and Lola (s.Hunde). I am happy to answer questions about English Setters, please email or phone if you wish. 


If you're looking for an English Setter which run and point with style, a dog for the Showring or a family pet that's great with kids, you've come to the right place.



Tel.: +49-3382-70 69 00

Mail: setter@new-omalleys.de


03 October 2013

We are so pleased to announce our B-litter arrived safely. We have a lovely litter of 3 girls and 1 boy and all is going well. For more information, please see B-litter.

Kanadian Imp., Ch. Sevenoaks Lucky Luke      Ch. Queen Victoria Venatrisett
orange belton                                                         blue belton

For more information on our upcoming litter or interest in a New O'Malley's puppy please feel free to contact us!

10/08/12 - A-litter family day in Kloster Lehnin

Family Day Kloster-Lehnin

27/11/11: Puppies finally arrived (6,6)!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our A-litter! Our beautiful Primrose gave birth to 6 females and 6 males this week. All puppies are healthy, happy, and plumping up nicely.